Shop the sales like a pro

Here it is, our favest time of the year. And not, I'm not talking about the New Year. I'm talking about the sales. The raddest invention since lace up sneakers and band t shirts (yeah, feeling a little edgy today). I mean huge amounts of previously rejected sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, boots, coats, jeans and that kind of winter items at a super cheap price. The excitement is obvious, but don't let it overwhelm you. The sales are not easy. They're though (see infinite queues, piles of messy clothes and cat fights), exhausting and sometimes useless. Don't worry because here I have the best tips to shopping the sales as a pro. First of all you need a military-style strategy, comfortable shoes, and an unerring sense of hope. Let's make some good deals!

1. Premeditation and Treachery
I know going window shopping is so fun. But sales are not. Sales are serious. You should go shopping with a clear idea of what are you looking for. Open your closet and see which items could complement the clothes you already have. Take into account colors, matches, materials and shapes. Make a list of your needs and stick to it. This way your buyings will be valuable and useful, and won't end as your last year's pailette skirt which you gave to your niece. Having this kind of organization will help you to buy better, faster and wiser at the sales.

La bûche

Paris reminds me of Christmas. I mean cold, lights and clean atmosphere. Frenchness is classy, discreet   and elegant. Like a perfect Christmas should be, don't cha think? Well, inspired by the french film La bûche (1991) and it's three main characters I've made a pseudo gift guide for the perfect wardrobe. I think parisian style is a mixture of passion, savoir être and rebelliousness. I guess the other main characteristics of french/parisian style is the timelessness. A french woman builds her wardrobe step by step, during her whole life, only acquiring a few garments each year, expensive pieces, but they are investments, with quality and elegance. That's why the world looks up to parisian fashion, it is the model we should follow. Not just for fashion, but for style.

coat // sweater // turban // skirt // bra // bag // brief // sunglasses// heels // earrings // blanket

Currently obsessed with long skirts and grey sweaters. Both combine very well, balancing each other, formal and informal, classic and contemporary. I have to mention the earrings, they are golden hands holding a B&W cat from a emerald collar, so rare and vintage, they make a statement but they're discreet too. A well structured coat with boy-ish influence is a must and always will be. Vintage inspired pieces are also a great investment for our wardrobe, like those blue sunnies and heeled loafers, which combine with almost everything. The turban and pink handbag are original and colorful, perfect for brightening up a boring look. And finally fine lingerie and a LV monogram blanket, essentials!

Leggings are not pants

Remember that Gossip Girl episode where Blair run away from her wedding and went to the airport and the only clothes she had was her wedding dress so she had to buy some leggings and a I♡NY t-shirt?